In This Episode:

  • Why Buying Bitcoin Is Like Buying the Whole Internet in 1990 
  • How the Pandemic Has Changed Work Culture and Communication Methods 
  • Who Is Better Protected in a High Inflationary Environment? 
  • What Would Happen to Bitcoin If 1% of the Global Bond Market Moved into It? 
  • Predictions for the Future of Bitcoin and the Crypto Market 

In this episode, Dave Sanderson and Mark discuss the potential of Bitcoin as a groundbreaking technology. They compare Bitcoin to the early days of the internet, suggesting that investing in Bitcoin now could be like buying the entire internet in 1990. They also share their insights on the current state of the market and the future of Bitcoin as a currency and an investment. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the world of cryptocurrency and the power of disruptive technologies

According to Mark, Bitcoin is the operating system of the cryptocurrency world, and other cryptocurrencies are just applications on top of that system. Investing in Bitcoin has enormous growth and value potential, with the possibility of becoming worth millions per coin if even 1% of the global bond market moves into it. Bitcoin is also a safe haven and a hedge against inflation, making it crucial for protecting assets and earnings in uncertain economic times. 

While not all cryptocurrencies will be successful, Bitcoin and other alternative assets offer asymmetric trades with great growth potential. It’s crucial to sift through numerous projects and find the good ones. As suggested by Mark, working-class people should start a business and take Bitcoin as payment to protect themselves, while those who live off of capital and assets should start earning Bitcoin through their businesses and keep it on their balance sheets.

The adoption of Bitcoin and the rejection of government-issued currencies depend heavily on big money and corporations’ participation. As the world becomes more digital and decentralized, it’s important to keep an open mind and educate ourselves on these emerging technologies. Buying Bitcoin today could be like buying the whole internet in 1990, a decision that could have a significant impact on our future. Overall, Bitcoin is a crucial investment for those who want to protect their assets and earnings 


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