In This Episode:

  • The three major tax elements: Deductibility of interest
  • Deferral of investment returns
  • Conversion to mutual trust fund units (and donation)
  • The reasonableness of interest rates changing
  • Understanding a forwarding agreement 
  • Can the CRA come back again and audit this package?

“As long as Ken Gordon is alive, we will be there to defend our investors. ” 

– Ken Gordon

Are you ready to invest in a tax-efficient limited partnership that sounds too good to be true – but actually isn’t? 

In Episode 5 of Red Jacket Capital with Dave Sanderson, Ken Gordon does a deep dive into the tax intricacies of his EquiGenesis SMART Savings Plan™. If you missed the first few episodes of our interview with Ken Gordon, perhaps pause here, listen to those first, and then join us. 

First, Ken Gordon gave us his origin story in Episode 1. Then he gave his tax benefits scheme context by explaining the infamous Cassan case involving the CRA in Episode 2. Then, in the third episode, he unboxed the EquiGenesis SMART Savings Plan™ package with a brief overview of how it works. 

In the fourth episode, Ken Gordon talked us through all the ‘what ifs’ that Dave addressed — going to great lengths to explain why a $320K loan isn’t all that daunting a prospect. 

Now, to complete this illuminating interview featuring the tax wisdom of Ken Gordon, Dave Sanderson is on hand to elucidate the benefits of the EquiGenesis SMART Savings Plan™ to the layman. In so doing, they prove beyond doubt that while this offer is good, it is not too good to be true. It’s just great business.

Ken Gordon is a man who is passionate about interest expense deductions and patiently goes to great lengths to explain how they are part of the fundamental fabric of tax structure in Canada. His package reduces the carrying cost of debt by creating a tax advantage and therefore plays a small part in inspiring and encouraging the economy to grow. 

Please join us on this audible excursion into the world of Canadian tax law and how it can benefit you and your company.  

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