In This Episode:

  • Understanding alternative minimum tax

  • The CDA opportunity that is restricted to corporations

  • Being cash flow positive every year and then making a huge extraction at the end of ten years

  • How to use Smart Savings as a powerful tax planning tool

  • Why CPAs are comfortable that there is limited downsize with flowthrough shares

  • Why business owners should get their tax CPAs to come talk to EquiGenesis 

  • Understanding GAAR and how it affects you minimizing your tax

  • Tax planning and the Duke of Westminster case – why the law allows you to pay the minimum amount of tax


“That’s really the huge benefit at the end: to be able to take out $580,000 tax-free from your corporation for whatever personal purpose you may have, is a tremendous value.”

– Ken Gordon

Are you a business owner looking to use EquiGenesis to help manage your affairs to minimize your tax? Dave Sanderson asks Ken Gordon to explain things in layman’s terms so that corporations fully understand and appreciate the tax benefits on offer. 

Is the business owner looking to take money out of the corporation to support their lifestyle, or is the business owner wanting to grow the corporation? These are some of the premises Ken Gordon clearly lays out for the listener.

Canadian businesses will do well to heed Ken Gordon’s advice on how to reduce your tax significantly, in a safe way, to give yourself cash flow, and to stimulate your objectives and your lifestyle. 

So, if you’ve heard of the Cassan case and you have some understanding of the Smart Savings Plan™ – but you’d like to know the specifics of how this can work for your business, then this episode is for you. 

As usual, Dave Sanderson leaves no stone unturned in understanding the key benefits of this tax package for the specified demographic being discussed. This is something that even Dave’s golfing buddies will be able to appreciate and easily understand!


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