In This Episode:

  • Why the Smart Savings Plan™ is the perfect replacement for flow-throughs
  • How Smart Savings Plan™ can work for CPAs
  • Why there isn’t much work for CPAs to do when submitting tax returns
  • Why CPAs are heavily influenced by ‘bad donation’ tax deals
  • Overcoming the CPA’s risk aversion
  • Ken Gordon’s patient approach that time will tell, eventually, and CPAs will get on board

“It’s hard to get them (CPAs) to open their eyes to this, although we’ve had a fair amount of success. It takes time and we need somebody who’s going to sit and listen, and we’re happy to sit down with them and explain it.”

– Ken Gordon

Are you a CPA who’s risk-averse and struggling to find the time to understand the Smart Savings Plan™ so that you can advise your clients on whether it’s a good fit for their business or not? 

In this episode, Dave Sanderson chats with Ken Gordon about the paradoxes inherent in this beautifully simple new tax savings structure – but the time and effort it takes to get to the bottom of its complexity. 

They discuss the opportunity that exists for a CPA to come in and chat with EquiGenesis and fully understand how this plan is in no way similar to the ‘bad donation’ tax deals of years gone by. 

This is a frank and forthright conversation where Ken Gordon appreciates the position that CPAs are in, in terms of the fact that every billable hour is spoken for. If you are a Canadian CPA or a business person in Canada looking to nudge your CPA in the Smart Savings Plan™ direction, then this episode is a must-listen for all the concerns raised. Opportunity knocks! 


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