Your wealth is under attack
by indirect tax

It’s critical to order your affairs to
minimize the effects of taxation.

Indirect tax refers to the inflationary
forces of “soft money” policies.

Soft money is fiat money (also known as “Loonies” in Canada) demanded by governments and issued by central banks.

The Bank of Canada issues Loonies to pay for bonds that are issued by the Government. The Government uses those Loonies to fund its expenses (because the direct tax it collects from you isn’t enough!!).

The more Loonies demanded by the government and printed by the Bank of Canada, the less each Loonie is worth, and the less you can buy with each dollar.

This destruction in purchasing power is called inflation. It is the silent killer of your wealth.

We can fight the effects of indirect
taxation in two ways

First, one can invest in one fiat
currency relative to another.

For example, if one were to conclude that the Loonie was weaker than the “Greenback” (the US dollar) because inflationary forces in Canada were greater than in the US, then one could “short” the Loonie against the Greenback. That is, make an investment that would payoff off if the US dollar were to strengthen against the Canadian dollar. This is a relative bet on one fiat currency against the other. Both currencies may be weak due to inflation, but one can profit simply by investing in the one that’s weaker, relative to the other.  
Red Jacket offers several products that offer this sort of payoff profile. Each have different attributes and terms (some as short as a week) to suit your personal needs.

Theta King Model

30-day predictions

A systematic model that uses data (the delta between the volatility of puts and calls) to predict the next 30 days of price movement for the Theta King investors. We run this model the morning of each trade and provide a prediction of which contract (“Up” or “Down”) is likely to mature in the money. Pure science.

Gemini Model

1-week predictions

This model makes weekly predictions based on deep learning algorithms trained with historical price data and a significant number of calculated metrics. Tuned to achieve the highest possible repeatable accuracy while preserving high predictive power, it incorporates patterns and trend behavior through the use of machine learning algorithms.

Second, one can invest in “hard
money assets”.

Hard money assets are not subject to “over printing” and inflation the way fiat currencies like the Loonie and Greenback are.  The best hard money assets are those that have a very small amount of it created over time relative to how much is currently available. This makes it a great store of value and helps protect your wealth against inflation. The most common and popular form of hard money is gold. Gold has been used for centuries to store wealth and protect against inflation. More recently, Bitcoin has emerged as a hard money alternative. Bitcoin has not yet matured to the point that it is immune from the volatility of speculators, but in time it will prove to be an ideal (perhaps best) form of hard money to defend against the destructive forces of soft money and inflation.

Red Jacket offers several ways to gain access to these hard money assets.  Some offer direct exposure, some offer direct exposure with yield to enhance your income, and some offer hedged exposure to help reduce volatility.

Whatever your personal needs are, Red Jacket has the tools to help defend against the silent killer of your wealth.  The best solution for you is best discovered through a personal consultation with one of our Partners. Use the link below to learn more and get the process started.