The Red Jacket 2022 Event Series

For Entrepreneurs, CPAs and Other Professionals

If you are an entrepreneur with taxable earnings, this event is for you.

The entrepreneurial journey is no cakewalk, and taxes can be just as tricky.

The struggle to build a business only for tax to eat away at your profits? It can be frustrating. 

Frustrated with your tax bill?

Let’s tackle tax concerns together.

Save the Date:

Dec 15, 2022
1-2 PM EST

Join us at the event on December 15, 2022, 1-2PM EST.

  • Eligible investors can cut their taxes in half 

  • Create CDA credits

  • Offset current and future taxes

  • Learn about a registered tax solution (CRA Tax Shelter Identification Number TS093013)*.

  • Tax strategies that are in vogue, both good and bad


Ken McCord, CFA

CEO, Co-Founder & Portfolio Manager, Red Jacket Capital Inc.

Throughout his 30-year career in capital markets, Ken has gained expertise in investment strategies and management at prestigious organizations such as TD, Invesco, and Horizons.

His entrepreneurial spirit then led him on an exciting journey into the world of hedge funds – giving him an invaluable understanding of advanced structures that enhanced client wealth.

Red Jacket Capital serves individuals and corporations.

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Thanks for your support and making this a successful event. 

As a practising lawyer, you are in a unique position to understand the merits of the Cassan case, what it means that the CRA did not appeal it, and what the minutes of settlement mean for future issuances of the product that was reviewed in the decision. Topics included: 

  • GAAR  
  • $400M Lawsuit against the CRA 
  • Replace 53.5% with 18% 
  • Create CDA 
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*Discliamer: The identification number issued for this tax shelter shall be included in any income tax return filed by the investor. Issuance of the identification number is for administrative purposes only and does not in any way confirm the entitlement of an investor to claim any tax benefits associated with the tax shelter.