In This Episode

  • Tax incentives in the film industry
  • Founding the company EquiGenesis
  • Understanding the CRA’s way of working
  • Communicating with clients to keep them happy

 “You have to keep the clients happy and comfortable that you and they have interests that are mutually aligned.”
 – Ken Gordon 


Some people have extraordinary life stories. Ken Gordon is one of them. In this episode, he shares his extensive experience navigating the tax world in Canada in the film industry, as well as the founding of his own company, investments in charities, rapports with the CRA, and how he keeps clients happy by being communicative and trustworthy.   

In 1992, Ken Gordon founded EquiGenesis Corporation, a company leader in providing innovative tax saving solutions to high income earning Canadians. For more than 30 years, Ken has successfully conceived, structured, implemented, distributed, closed and managed tax saving solutions. He has assisted thousands of high net worth investors with exclusive tax incentive investment opportunities and is known as a vigorous advocate for their interests. 

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