In This Episode:

  • Unpacking Judge Owens’ excellent judgment
  • Couching your findings in facts makes appeal more difficult
  • Burying your reports in paperwork – and other dodgy opposition tactics
  • Why it took 1.5 years to reach a 100-page settlement
  • The power of the tax result – what this means going forward


“CRA in the past 20 years has become incredibly and increasingly more aggressive. And everyone in the tax community sees it and knows it. And the positions that they are taking are becoming more and more outlandish.”

– Ken Gordon


Have you heard the one about the man who sued the taxman? Ken Gordon is a renowned Canadian corporate commercial lawyer that sued the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) for disregarding policy and causing intentional delays that hurt his business, the EquiGenesis Corporation. 

In this episode with Dave Sanderson, Ken Gordon calmly explains the legal events that led up to this moment, known as the Cassan case. His account gives laymen listeners an insider’s scoop into the legal world of charitable tax, delay tactics, and investment programs that were infamously tied to Canadian charities (the source of the legal dispute). 

This interview is an eye-opener for anyone wanting to better understand the machinations of the Canadian legal system and understand the resultant judgment as it pertains to companies claiming tax rebates when donating to charities. It’s filled with tales of burying reports in multiple PDF documents, threats of class action lawsuits, and sound legal judgment to boot! 


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