Keep more of what you
earn, and earn more
from what you keep

Keep more of what you
earn, and earn more
from what you keep

Wealth is the root of human flourishing.

Your wealth. You’ve worked hard for it. Very hard. It provides you with the freedom to experience life your way, on your terms and on your timeline. It serves as the foundation for further success as your empire grows. It supports a legacy for your family and your community. Protect it or it will perish.


Order your affairs to minimize tax

If you are in the top tax bracket and you fail to order your affairs to minimize tax, then over half of your marginal income goes to the government in income tax.

Of what’s left, some goes to various governments in the form of sales tax, property tax, fuel tax and user fees. And if you own a business, its income is taxed first and then when you extract what is left it is taxed again personally.
Taxes are a highly destructive and direct charge against your wealth. 

Indirect tax, in the form of inflation is the silent killer. Inflation is a monetary phenomenon caused by “soft money” policies. In general, soft money refers to “fiat currency”, printed by central banks to fund government spending. For Canadians, soft money comes in the form of “Loonies”. As new Loonies get printed, the existing Loonies that store your wealth become less valuable. This inflationary force isn’t a direct hit to your wealth the way taxes are, but it slowly and surely destroys your wealth over time.

Order your affairs to minimize tax.

WE’re here to HELP

IT’S all WE DO

Let us order your affairs to fight the destructive forces of direct and indirect tax. We’ll minimize direct tax so you keep more of what you earn. Then we’ll defend against indirect tax caused by the inflationary effects of soft money so you earn more from what you keep.

Ken McCord, CFA

I‘ve spent my entire 30-year career in the capital markets. I had great admiration for my father and his long, successful career in financial services, which encouraged me to follow in his footsteps. I first got educated, receiving a BA from Wilfrid Laurier U, an MBA from Queens U and then the Chartered Financial Analyst professional designation. From there, I dove into the asset management industry and climbed the corporate ladder into leadership positions with globally recognized names, including TD, Invesco and Horizons. Those years gave me expertise in the universe of investment strategies and insights into the management of large organizations. Eventually, I was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and struck out on my own in the fascinating world of hedge funds. That experience gave me a keen insight into complex investment structures and into the mind of the entrepreneur, which prepared me to be pioneering, decisive and relationship driven. My greatest career achievement is building Red Jacket, along with my best friend, Dave, into what it is today: an innovative, boutique, advisory firm, serving like-minded and successful Canadians.

Dave Sanderson, LL.B

My 30-year career seems to have been intelligently designed for Red Jacket, but in reality it was evolution. I studied business at Ivey and law at Queens, and then learned both on Bay Street as a corporate litigator at Stikeman Elliott. I have spent the past two decades advising private clients at
BMO Nesbitt Burns and investing in new ventures, with over 20 start-ups and early-stage companies. My thirst for knowledge isn’t easily satisfied. I’m currently pursuing my Masters in Taxation Law at Osgoode Hall and in my spare time building an expertise in Bitcoin. As a friend and mentor says, relationships matter. That idea seems to animate our firm. We are students of human interaction and look to build rich relationships with our entire network. Ken and I are the best of friends over a lifetime. Our collective experience allows us to share our impact and influence so that our clients will flourish.

Protect your wealth from the
forces that destroy it.