Your wealth is under attack
by direct tax

It’s critical to order your affairs to
minimize the effects of taxation.

Direct tax refers to the money you pay in income tax, capital gains tax, sales tax, estate tax, property tax, fuel tax and other forms of tax like user fees and registrations.

Canadians have some options available to them, including registered plans (RSP, RIF, TFSA, etc) and flow throughs, but Red Jacket offers a registered tax shelter called the “Smart Save Plan.

(Tax Shelter Identification Number TS093013)*.

The Smart Save Plan is a “borrow to invest” program that offers
meaningful, annual tax deductions for ten years, with an opportunity
to make a significant donation to the charity of your choice at the end
of the program.

Our clients are able to customize the extent of their participation in the plan to minimize the effects of direct tax on their wealth.

Participating in the Smart Save Plan is quick, easy and paperless. It all starts with a 30-minute consultation with one of our registered Dealing Representatives who will explain the plan in greater detail and customize your participation to fit your specific needs.

Whatever your personal needs are, Red Jacket has the tools to help defend against the silent killer of your wealth.  The best solution for you is best discovered through a personal consultation with one of our Partners. Use the link below to learn more and get the process started.
*The identification number issued for this tax shelter shall be included in any income tax return filed by the investor. Issuance of the identification number is for administrative purposes only and does not in any way confirm the entitlement of an investor to claim any tax benefits associated with the tax shelter.