In This Episode:

  • Shelter 40-43% of regular income before you hit the minimum tax threshold
  • At 26%, the tax flow value becomes marginal
  • The big advantage of not having to worry about minimum tax
  • How to tailor the plan for individual circumstances
  • Addressing the conservative fear that the CRA might come back and audit this package

“The proof is ultimately when they file their tax return at year-end and find that they don’t owe money. That establishes the validity of the position they’ve taken.”

– Ken Gordon

Do you understand what it means to have a highly visible, high-income product that works within the tax legislation? That’s the question Dave Sanderson asks his lawyer friends of Equinox’s SMART Savings plan. 

And it’s the question Ken Gordon answers as together Dave and Ken look at how lawyers would see Canada’s smartest long-term tax investment. And the conclusion they come to is that lawyers get it. It’s the hard-working folk of Toronto who need to heed the merits of this plan, start planning now, and reap the tax benefits in ten years’ time. 

This structure has been adjudicated and received a decision from the tax court that addresses every single issue related to the annual interest deductions and the deferral of income. In the absence of a change of law, this is the law. And the Cassan case is EquiGenesis’ case—so no one knows it better than Ken Gordon.  

So, if you’ve heard of the Cassan case and would like to learn how, as a law firm, you can pay in quarterly installments immediately, then this episode is for you. Dave Sanderson also considers this tax structure from the layman’s perspective, asking Ken to double back occasionally and make it crystal clear just how this deal pays out in dollars and cents. 


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