In This Episode:

  • Starting with $10K worth of units in a limited partnership in Year One
  • How the tax deductions add up to $350K in savings
  • Unwinding your debt and donating to charity in a tax effective way
  • Why this is a smart, socially conscious investment
  • Why you shouldn’t fear a $320K loan for the balance of your units


“We’re creating growing annual cashflow such that at the end, you’d put in your pocket (depending on when you buy in the year) somewhere around $150K.”
– Ken Gordon

Are you a Canadian business with a desire to make a positive social impact through effective tax deductions? 

In this episode of Red Jacket Capital with Dave Sanderson, Ken Gordon unboxes the EquiGenesis deal that sounds too good to be true – until Ken Gordon explains it! – proving that by writing cheques to the total amount of $128K over a ten-year period, you can save $350K in tax savings.  

This deal is exactly the stuff that Red Jacket Capital wants to share with its listeners: legally, ethically, and morally sound ways of claiming tax benefits without claiming the income, and then donating to a charity of your choice in a tax effective way. 

EquiGenesis’ SMART Savings Plan™ allows you to build wealth faster by deferring and reducing your tax safely, powerfully, and legally. Isn’t it time you found out if it can work for you? Unbox this option with Dave and Ken by listening in now. 


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