In This Episode:

  • How the lender is sitting ‘cash collateralized’
  • Why Ken Gordon’s investors can sleep well at night
  • The issue of legitimate commercial relationships
  • The reasonableness of interest rates changing
  • How the interest component is being written off
  • The ease with which a tax accountant can file their returns for this package (T5013)

“The only recourse the lender has is to the investment itself.” 

– Ken Gordon

Have you heard of EquiGenesis SMART Savings Plan™ but still feel a bit nervous about taking out a $320K loan? 

In Episode 4 of Red Jacket Capital with Dave Sanderson, Ken Gordon allays all of our ‘what if?’ fears — assuring his investors that they can sleep well at night. Together, Dave and Ken look at the rights and obligations of the lender and investor, while shining a light on why the Cassan ruling has such a positive effect on the EquiGenesis SMART Savings Plan™.

Of course, Ken has been creating similar investment structures since the 90s, and his personal principles – as well as his tax principles – remain the same. It’s about creating a win-win for investors and lenders alike.

Please join us on this extended audio edition of the Ken Gordon interview and put your fears of a $320K loan to bed. 

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